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Wildfarmed Organic Pizza Flour – 1.5kg


Pizza makers obsessed with “Italian 00” flour for pizza making will get a wake-up call with this beautiful  and regeneratively farmed British organic pizza flour!

A finely milled blend that produces a pizza dough that is strong and stretchy, full of the most remarkable flavour and natural vitality you can only find from Wildfarmed flour!

(Find out more about Wildfarmed flour and ethos by scrolling down – they are achieving amazing things!)



Wildfarmed regenerative organic flour is grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides or fungicides, in a system that prioritises soil health and increases soil biodiversity.

When Wildfarmed started farming 15 years ago we saw bare fields. Soil and nitrates cascading into the rivers when it rains. Pesticides and herbicides attacking what remains of soil and insect life.

Our thinking was that unless we create a market for farmers that rewards quality rather than quantity – quality of their crops, soils and ecosystems – change will be limited.

Wildfarmed is our attempt to create that market for high quality organic pizza flour from Britan. It’s a big challenge. But the response from so many farmers has been amazing. It feels like real change is within touching distance, but success also depends on the people who know how to turn our flour into delicious products and our ability to spread the message far and wide that by choosing these products, people become activists – part of the solution.

Because every time you buy food you shape the future of the planet.

Wildfarmed Organic Pizza Flour – 1.5kg