Fior di latte Mozzarella, Napoli Cut


Fior di Latte, in the famous “Napoli” cut – a rustic julienne style favoured by professional pizza chefs.

Valerio’s has been crafting this fior di latte for decades in their Bedfordshire factory, using only full fat, Red Tractor assured milk, and vegetarian rennet in the best Italian tradition, and the result is this fabulous cheese, perfect for quick melting in high-temperature pizza ovens.

A light starch dusting prevents clumping, making this product so easy to use.

2.0kg will make approx 20 12″ pizzas


Ingredients & Allergens: 

Pasteurised cows Milk (UK origin), salt, vegetarian rennet, potato starch, starter culture. Gluten-free. Suitable for a vegetarian diet.


Keep refrigerated and use within 3 days of opening. Can be frozen for up to 6 months.

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300g, 2.0kg

Fior di latte Mozzarella, Napoli Cut