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Pizza Kits for Corporate Events

We have so many contacts from folks that are putting on a pizza party with their work colleagues and no wonder! There is something about cooking pizza that draws people together and the simple competitive fun of making the best pizza in the office has become one of the great team-building events.

We will work with you as much as you need us to, to make your corporate pizza party a success, including a simple How-To guide, and some simple video tutorials to get them on their way.

There are three ways to organise this easily from Virtue Pizza, as follows:

Business issues Virtue e-gift cards to employees, to place their own orders online, and have the choice of what they cook! This would be particularly where the employees are remote working rather than all in the same office together. Buy gift Virtue gift cards below.
Business orders everything they need for the number of employees involved using our handy pizza party builder below.
Business tells Virtue the number of persons they want to cater for, and we put together a package that is delivered in one lot in time for the party.

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