Frying Pan Pizza: 1 Stunningly Simple Method For Home Kitchens

With the weather recently being a little prohibitive for using the pizza oven, we have been trying a few new techniques, and I have to say that the frying pan pizza was hands-down the best method for cooking pizza outside of our pizza oven.

We tried both our sourdough and gluten-free pizza dough through this method with superb results. You can read more on the gluten-free method here.

Before You Start!

Pre-heat your kitchen grill to MAX, and a 12-14″ dry non-stick frying pan to medium (approx 280-300 C on the base)

Use your normal method to stretch your dough, pressing out from the centre of the dough ball onto a floured surface, creating a small ring with a 1″ crust, then stretching it out to form a 10-12″ base.

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Scatter polenta or semolina on the frying pan and then lay your pizza base carefully into your pan. This takes a little nerve and dexterity and you might want a couple of spatulas on hand to help centralise the base once in the hot pan. It shouldn’t stick, so a few quick shimmies of the pan normally sorts it.

Now work quickly to add your pizza sauce, then cheese and then the other ingredients to the pizza, while the pizza base starts to cook in the hot pan.

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Once the crust has started to puff up and the base is starting to show some colour, give it a light drizzle of olive oil and transfer the pan under your hot grill.

Watch carefully and once the crust has nicely browned and the cheese is melting and becoming bubbly your pizza is ready!

Transfer to a wooden board, scatter fresh basil or your preferred fresh herbs to garnish.

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Sourdough Pesto Garlic Bread

Left to right, all cooked using the frying pan pizza method; Sourdough Blonde Blue Mushroom & Margherita; Sourdough Pesto Garlic Bread

Slice, serve & scoff immediately! 😉

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